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Kara Safety Management & Security Inc.
Telephone: 403-866-5272 (KARA)
Fax: 403-527-7385

Our service area includes:
Medicine Hat and the surrounding 100km area

We are members of:
1950s Service with Today’s Technology

Kara Safety Management & Security, Protecting Medicine Hat by Patrol

24/7 Security from a Retired Police Officer’s Perspective
If you’d like to reduce the opportunity of theft, vandalism or trespassing from occurring on your property and are in need of remote motion-activated cameras with a real-time monitoring command centre, look no further than Kara Safety Management & Security Inc. Offering 24/7 security and night patrols for residential and commercial customers within a 100km radius of Medicine Hat, we are a security company organized by a retired policeman. This allows us to view security from a police officer’s unique perspective for crime prevention instead of merely “reactive policing,” which is the technique employed by many of the other security companies currently out there.

An Extensive Background in Crime Prevention
We visit residences, commercial construction sites and oil and gas remote sites to make complete security inspections any time, day or night. In addition, we use remote motion-activated cameras with a real-time monitoring command centre. Because our very hands-on owner has an extensive background in police work and crime prevention, our company has a better working knowledge of the industry than the average security owner. Don’t take the “it’ll never happen to me” attitude; invest in your peace of mind today by contacting us for all of your security needs!

Our Specialty Includes:
Security Guards Trained by a Former Police Officer